Monday, February 9, 2009

Sister Getaway 2008 "Heather's house"

FYI: This post starts at the end of the trip and ends at the beginning.

Our flight home. The trip is over. No matter how much fun we have it is always nice to go home to our families.

We jumped in the FREZZING lake.

I think Amy was a little stressed about what we were about jumping in the cold water.

Amy modeling her swim wear

Towels are so versitile.
Spring makes sure to smile with her eyes in the bottom right pic.


We devided into groups and competed in rock band. This is the group that won.

This is the group that lost with style.

Eating dinner.

Ben showing us his Rock Band skills.

We are serious about our Rock Band playing. Just look how hard Ginger is concentrating.

Capri enjoying her popsicle. (Maybe a little too much)


Look at our legs.

Capri likes Springs legs she is puckering up for a kiss.

Ok, now look at my legs.

As Christensen sisters we usually get along pretty well. Just look at the love in Capri's eyes.

Uh-oh I think Spring is getting a little jelious.

Spring said she was posing like her kids do when I took this pic. Isn't she sexy?

Capri looks a little scared, but I would be too there was poison Ivy below this swing that we kept touching.

We loved watching movies in Heathers theater, but we never would have guessed that some of the best memories would be the entertainment we got while we waited for the movie to begin.

Finally time for the movie....or not

Ow ow Ginger.

2 of Charlies Angels (Is it just me or do they look tired?)

We had a lot of fun at this restaurant. There was a belly dancer and Holly, Amy, and Spring danced with her. Now thats entertainment!!

Jay walking

Side View of Express models.

Express models

Fish lips. We were all laughing at how Springs fish lips make the perfect O in her chin.

Capri now I know that you miss having Holly all to yourself but don't take it out on Amy.

The sleeping girls. Inspired by a picture on Heathers wall.